The Short Version


Influenced by two major things in her life--teaching and being taught--Kate Parkhurst sets out to write from the heart about experiences that have shaped her life to date.  Having taught many young children who have really bad breath, she wrote a children's book about Cavity Creatures invading a sleepy little town amongst Molar Mountains.  Other works-in-progress include a sequel to "The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures" and a journey of a young school-girl who is afraid to ride the school bus to school.  Follow her blog, purchase her books, find out about upcoming events, schedule her for a talk or reading, or simply email her to find out more.  

The First-Person Narrative

Came across this sticker in a tea house in Darjeeling, India.  I believe this is true.

I was born and raised in beautiful Denver, Colorado.  Technically, I still have an address there, however my husband and I (plus our two cats, Dui and Patch) actually reside in our blue van.  We can usually be found in the Western Hemisphere getting lost looking for independent coffee shops where I can do some writing and where my husband can do some surfing on the web and manage our investments.  Before living in the van and writing for a living, I was a primary school teacher for 7 years, four of which were in Abu Dhabi, UAE, at an international school.  I received my Master's Degree in Education from the University of Denver and a BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Most of all, though, I have this burning desire to write, so here I go!