Why you just watched the Super Bowl

Yes.  If you watched the Broncos v. Ravens game--in any form; TV, radio (yup, I put it second; why not go back to the roots of old communication and listen to a game of ANY kind on a radio?)--Twitter, or a live stream of any sort, I feel you just witnessed the best football game of the NFL football season, even possibly this millennia, so far.

Here are just a few key reasons why, first half aside (because I was more listening than paying attention—there is a difference!): 

104yd kickoff return. #11. Mr. Trindon Holiday. First in NFL history. Even John Harbaugh laughed. 

Ray Rice, right up the middle at the 1:40 left in the 3rd. Next pass, he was left with just feet before the end zone. 

0:31 to go in the 4th and it’s tied, thanks to the teamwork of Jacoby Jones and Joe Flacco. 

And then the show of sportsmanship between Brandon Stokely and, sad to admit it, a Baltimore Raven whose name I didn’t quite catch (I will figure that out—it happened right before the 7:45 mark into OT). How cool is that?

Then came good, old-fashioned, cold overtime (it was 6 degrees centigrade/-19.4 Fahrenheit). Mmm…let’s make that 2 OT’s. Each team was at it’s entire best. Joe Flacco sacked. Brandon Stokely put his left arm under that pass. Wow. Wow!

As for the two ringleaders—Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis—well, they were exactly that. Ring leaders. A leader knows that it isn’t just a circus show for themselves or fans. They each wanted to exhibit the talent of their teammates. Sure, Peyton pulled his no-huddles. When wouldn’t he? Sure, Ray stomped on top of the tackles before him. Why wouldn’t he?

But they stepped aside for the limelight of the actual game.  There was talent upon talent from the beginning of the 1st quarter to the end of the second overtime. 

I’m a Broncos fan through and through. I had visions of “Bronco Sunsets” we have here in Colorado plastered all over the Internet after February 3rd.  However, I’m not sad they lost on this fine, crisp day. They played themselves. So in a sense, I feel like I’m going to watch my team advance in the playoffs.

Great game Denver.

Go Ravens.