Exciting Emails

Late last night, or early in the morning if you are in New York, I heard a series of 3 emails chime through on my numerous 'linked-in' devices.  I'm an apple-holic so I heard my iPhone, iPad, Nate's iPhone and his iPad (I have him linked to our same business accounts) chime nearly simultaneously--that ended up being 12 'ding' sounds, or as I have them set, 'chimes'.  

Here's what's special about this:  I hired my illustrator, Eloy Claudio, using the website www.elance.com.  When he submits work to our 'workroom', I receive a series of emails confirming his submissions to me.  The first is one stating that files have been posted, the second one is directly from Eloy, himself, explaining what he has accomplished in the week prior to submission, and the third email is his timesheet.  Since I've hired him, I'm responsible for paying him.  Duh.  

And here is the cooler part:  last night's emails were THE FINAL 4 IMAGES* of the book!  YIPPEEEE SKIPPEEEE!  

I couldn't contain myself.  I peeked!  

I usually wait until the morn, or sometimes I even sleep through the light chimes as I have them set on the lowest volume setting.  However, I've been sleeping really lightly lately (who knows why; if you have any tips on how to get a good night's rest that I DON'T know about, I'll try 'em!!) and since I was already nearly awake, I figured, why not stay up just a bit longer to look at the last of the images to complete The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures?  It was like Christmas ALL OVER AGAIN!

What I saw blew my mind.  Color, emotion, hilarity, and cuteness all in one.  When I finished looking at the images, I couldn't go back to sleep because I realized that this whole adventure of creating a book with a very talented illustrator is coming to a close.  Am I ready for that?  Now comes the work of promoting the finished product.  Do I have it in me to do this?  

Needless to say, I was awake for much longer than I anticipated last eve.  I’ll do this.  And I’ll do it with the standard overachieving-ness I usually tackle that which I love.  As the night progressed into the early morning hours for me, I was nodding off while thinking that this has been fun, too fun almost, and I can't wait to do it again--watch out for Candy Critters, I hear they set up shop everywhere these days!

* While Eloy sent over the final 4 images, there’s still some fine-tuning we have to do this week.  We are adding in a few things here and there, brightening up some of the images, taking out some parts that don't seem relevant, and I'm working on the audio files for the iBooks version, though I daresay someone else's voice would probably sound a lot nicer than mine.  In any event, the book should be ready to go by the end of this week.  Watch for THE POST about it and prepare to be bombarded and ready to share this hilarious (of course that’s my opinion; you are free to dislike it, just don’t tell me) account of the tiny people who work so hard in Tongue Town!                  -K8