South Lake Tahoe Library will Always Hold a Special Place in My Heart

Almost a month ago, Nate and I strolled into the town of South Lake Tahoe, California, to do some mountain biking on the intricate trail system that the city is famous for in the summer time.  In typical Nate and Kate fashion, we had NO idea where we were going to park The Monster and time was running out that first night. 

Lake Tahoe as seen from the historical Flume Trail - Nate and I rode our mountain bikes along this lovely trail!

Lake Tahoe as seen from the historical Flume Trail - Nate and I rode our mountain bikes along this lovely trail!

            On the main drag through town, Lake Tahoe Boulevard, there are umpteen number of signs for camping, cabins, and lake houses.  All of these Nate and I know too well – must have reservations. 

            So, imagine my surprise when we saw a small sign that said “Library Rec Center Campground” amidst all of these other signs where we knew we’d be turned away.  We thought we would give it a shot – I mean, what kind of campground has a public library right next to it?  ONLY THE COOLEST ONE ON THE PLANET!!!

Walt and Rich - our two "Papa Bears" that kept watch over us in Tahoe.

Walt and Rich - our two "Papa Bears" that kept watch over us in Tahoe.

            Campground-By-The-Lake is everything it’s name implies.  Steps from the south shore of Lake Tahoe, it is a rustic campground complete with bathrooms (yay for the showers; wear flip-flops, though!), wonderful hosts (Yay for Walt, Teri, Rich, and Roxie!), and a LOT of pine trees.  In fact, there are so many pine trees that this park is largely shaded from the main drag which borders its western edge – this is a GREAT thing when you are a last-minute travelers like us. 

            Not only were we able to find a spot to park in for the night when we first strolled into town, we ended up staying for close to 2 weeks because there was space for us. 

            Now, back to that library – it was JUST OVER THE FENCE!  Nate and I ended up popping over there many a day to get some work done and as such, I started to get to know the librarian.  Finally I got the nerve to ask her if I could do an abbreviated author event in exchange for the chance to sell my book and grow confidence in this type of venue. 

            She jumped at the chance!  And though we had to present my situation to the final board of decision makers, the Friends of the Library Association, I was quickly on my way to visiting the fabulous library in a capacity where I could give back. 

Here I sit at my very first author signing and reading of "The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures"!  I was SO nervous that morning that a little bit I cried, hence the puffy eyes!  

Here I sit at my very first author signing and reading of "The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures"!  I was SO nervous that morning that a little bit I cried, hence the puffy eyes!  

            One week later, 20 books in hand, plus bookmarks, coloring pages, and stickers and I set up shop to give a wonderfully intimate presentation to 7 kids and 5 parents about how taking just one day off from brushing can start a plaque plague of enormous size and lay the groundwork for Cavity Creatures of all sizes to invade Tongue Town and the Molar Mountains. 

            I never thought this day would come.  Honestly.  When you self-publish your own books, and a children’s book to boot, you are also in charge of self-promoting, self-marketing, and self-motivating yourself.  Hah!  That can be scary.  Now I know it is possible and one just has to A-S-K to G-E-T and get I did –a wonderful new relationship with an amazing librarian in one of the most beautiful towns on earth.  Make sure to stop by and when you are there, check out “The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures”, literally!  

All is Not Lost!

Hello Stupendous Supporters!

You all deserve the biggest thank you EVER!  Your encouragement has helped me gain some amazing attention and even though our Kickstarter campaignt wasn't successful (meaning nobody will be charged), I have three GREAT pieces of news to share with you!  That, to me, is successful! 

First, an amazing supporter of this project turned me onto the extraordinary publishing company, Sunny Day Publishing (  Their tagline, "A Health Education Company", couldn't be more in line with the Toothpaste Avenger's goal: health through education and, at that, ORAL HEALTH through education!  Nathan and I are eagerly awaiting their decision on whether or not they will publish the Cavity Creatures.  Yay!

Try your hand at our Easy Word Search!

Try your hand at our Easy Word Search!

Second, during the campaign, Delta Dental of New Jersey came across this project and wondered what my long-term goals are with the book.  In a nutshell, I explained to them I will still be publishing the book but all orders will be at our retail price (discounted a certain percentage for bulk orders).  Elated to hear this, Delta Dental of New Jersey is looking into how "The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures" can be woven into their foundation that works specifically on increasing the awareness of the benefits of oral health in children!  This is just up our alley, right?!  They already have some of the Cavity Creatures promotional items ready to go up on their Kid's Club website once they get the green light from the higher-ups on their end.  Hopefully they want the book, too!

Lastly, the book and all accompanying goodies are available for sale on this website!  That's right, just head over to the store, click on the items you want, select your shipping method, and voila!  You will soon have your goodies in hand.  

Thank you, again, for all of your support and encouragement - it means the world to me, the Toothpaste Avenger, Bobby Brusher, Penelope Picker, X-Ray, and those icky blobs! 



Contest, Contest, Contest!

Alrighty, time is counting down to our official Book Birthday - January 31st - of The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures!  We are awaiting approval from the iBookstore gurus to say "Yes, you may sell your book on our store" and then it's a go-ahead!  As far as the print version comes along, it's a little bit more complicated than that.  I'll know more at the end of this fine day and likely update you next week!

In any event, here's what I need from you lovely followers:  Names for the two meanest, ickiest, grossest Cavity Creatures in Tongue Town.  Their mug shots are on my homepage now and I'd love for them to have silly names.  Talk to your kids, your spouse, your dentists!  What should these disgusting creatures be called?  I'll take your answers via email at kate@kateparkhurst .com, via form submission on my Contact page, or even by the filling out the form on the Store page. 

Here's what you get from me: a free ($4.99 value) iBook version of the book AND a signed copy of the printed version when it is released (an $18.95 value).  That's over $23 worth of goodies!

Submissions are due by February 15th.  I'll announce the winner on February 18th via a blog post and on The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures facebook page!

Good luck Brushers, Flossers, and Pickers!