Stay Smart This Summer

As an educator, one of the biggest hurdles we face when getting back from summer is re-establishing responsibilities for children.  Summertime is for fun, right?  Of course it is.  However, a little work to maintain your child's accomplishments in his previous classroom can go a long way to making the transition into school work well for everyone in the next year easier.  

Here's a simple plan I've told parents about in the past who have then given rave reviews of it's ease.  It isn't much and it's simple to implement.  

  • Find a fun, exciting, easy workbook (these are among my favorite; do NOT give them next year's grade level workbook unless you want a frustrated child this summer).
  • Place the workbook next to your kiddos bed, on a table, or the floor in their room with a pencil of their choosing - same place each day is key!
  • When they wake up in the morning, they can work on two-three pages of their choice.
  • Have them show you the page(s) they completed.
  • For work done correctly, reward your kiddo with a sticker (trust me, these workbooks take a quick glance to know if something is amiss; you can do it while you stir the scrambled eggs).
  • Set a goal of so many stickers = a movie ticket/extra t.v. time/extra play time etc., etc.
  • Fulfill the reward once the goal is met - no take-backs! 

The end result is three-fold: happy child because they accomplished something on their own towards a goal, happy parent because you can see how smart your kiddo is, and happy teacher because s/he now has a child who's brain isn't a raisin at the start of the school year.  

Here are a few more fun websites to check out for workbooks: