The End of the World as We Know It

On this eve of what some perceive to be the end of the world, I'm wondering if it shouldn't just be the end of the world as we know it.  As a whole, we already know a lot.  However, what if we decided that starting tomorrow we made a better world by making more informed decisions about everything we do?  Subconsciously we know there are so many things we should be doing for a better quality of life.  Yet, it seems to me that we still don't take the time to make the change.  I'm guilty.  Even with impending doom just one day away, many of us won't do a single thing.  We may purchase something thinking that it will make our life better, but will it?  Likely not.  Having more stuff usually means having more stuffy problems.  Maybe that's what the Mayan's were hoping to see end--an era of gluttony that has consumed us for the past however many years after we realized we could trade a piece of paper/hunk of metal for something of value.  

So, while pondering impending doom I had some ideas to leave the world in a better place in case of catastrophe.  

What if... took a pledge to end one bad habit? (obvious ones come to mind, but let's also continue to think of how we can leave the world in a better position--pledge to start your own compost pile, use tissues every time you sneeze AND pick your nose [to which my husband said, "But my pants are always right here!"], use solar power to charge a cell phone, replace all lightbulbs with LED's...) decided to eat breakfast every morning? (It boosts your metabolism, makes loosing weight easier, plus pooping is more normal with a BIG meal in the morning.)

...early wake-ups were a daily occurrence? (JUST WAKE UP, KATIE!) read the comics every day? ("Mutts" is a great one! Ahem, and so is "Travels With Nuts" if Meg would ever send them OVER!) donated to their local National Public Radio station? (Surely, $10/month is doable.)

...adopting a pet from a shelter became a reality? (You know you can, just go do it! Plus, there's a million and one petsitters out there now for those times of the year your new bf can't travel with you.)

...purchasing (I know, you're buying something, but it is for the greater good) a bus pass/mass transit pass happened on your way home from work today?  (Just think, no more waiting at the gas station!)

Really, scholars have analyzed the Meso-American Long Count calendar and there isn't any impending doom that will hit us.  What is cool is that the center of the Milky Way, Earth, and the Sun will all be in line with one another and the Mayans figured that out over 3,000 years ago.  Oh!  And that lineation only occurs once every 26,000 years!

So, even if the world won't end tomorrow, I'm going to pledge to laugh every day.  I think I will even get up early as well.  There's so much life to live!  Why waste it worrying about impending doom?