Contest, Contest, Contest!

Alrighty, time is counting down to our official Book Birthday - January 31st - of The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures!  We are awaiting approval from the iBookstore gurus to say "Yes, you may sell your book on our store" and then it's a go-ahead!  As far as the print version comes along, it's a little bit more complicated than that.  I'll know more at the end of this fine day and likely update you next week!

In any event, here's what I need from you lovely followers:  Names for the two meanest, ickiest, grossest Cavity Creatures in Tongue Town.  Their mug shots are on my homepage now and I'd love for them to have silly names.  Talk to your kids, your spouse, your dentists!  What should these disgusting creatures be called?  I'll take your answers via email at kate@kateparkhurst .com, via form submission on my Contact page, or even by the filling out the form on the Store page. 

Here's what you get from me: a free ($4.99 value) iBook version of the book AND a signed copy of the printed version when it is released (an $18.95 value).  That's over $23 worth of goodies!

Submissions are due by February 15th.  I'll announce the winner on February 18th via a blog post and on The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures facebook page!

Good luck Brushers, Flossers, and Pickers!