The Review is in!

That's right, we have been officially reviewed!  By one dentist.  By one dentist!!  EEEEK!  Super exciting and here's what she had to say:

"A wonderfully creative dental adventure story great for children of all ages!  This entertaining book stresses the importance of good oral hygiene to kids in a fun and exciting way.  A must-read, especially for those lacking motivation to brush and floss!"  

Katherine Galm, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry of Loveland

2800 Madison Square Drive

Loveland, CO. 80538

I promise you that this is NOT a moniker of mine and that Katherine Galm is an actual pediatric dentist.  In fact, her website,, is awesome!  It focuses on kids--what more could you want in a dentist for your children?!  Not only that, but she addresses some great questions in a fun and interactive way.  Check her out on your way to buying The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures on the iTunes store!