Two simple tricks to see if your child is telling the truth about their hygiene.

I’m sure most of you have told your kiddos to brush their teeth and wash their hands and simply left it at that. They should listen to you. They're your kids, right? Surely they listen to everything you say. I'll be the first to admit, I took my student's word for granted. I ran into this countless times in my classroom and that is precisely why I implemented two policies: The soap check and breath test! Sounds gross, but these two things accomplished a lot in our tiny classroom.

The Review is in!

That's right, we have been officially reviewed!  By one dentist.  By one dentist!!  EEEEK!  Super exciting and here's what she had to say:

"A wonderfully creative dental adventure story great for children of all ages!  This entertaining book stresses the importance of good oral hygiene to kids in a fun and exciting way.  A must-read, especially for those lacking motivation to brush and floss!"  

Katherine Galm, DDS

Pediatric Dentistry of Loveland

2800 Madison Square Drive

Loveland, CO. 80538

I promise you that this is NOT a moniker of mine and that Katherine Galm is an actual pediatric dentist.  In fact, her website,, is awesome!  It focuses on kids--what more could you want in a dentist for your children?!  Not only that, but she addresses some great questions in a fun and interactive way.  Check her out on your way to buying The Invasion of the Cavity Creatures on the iTunes store!