How to Take Care of Your Teeth

“‘Ello, there!  Chip Cavity here with my bro, Tartar, and we are here to explain to you how to take care of your teeth. “

“Right, first you NEVER need to use a toothbrush!  That instrument is one of the worst tools ever invented!  If your mom tells you that you need to brush your teeth with your toothbrush, look at her and roll your eyes – those “toothbrushes” are just a ploy to get you to do something other than watch TV. “

“Now, if your mom insists on watching you brush your teeth, the best thing to do is run around screaming –“

“Ahem!  Excuse me!  What is going on here?”

“Oh, ummm…’ello Toothpaste Avenger.  ‘Ow you be?”