Everywhere you look there's letters to read, put together, and make sense out of.  Sometimes that can actually be overwhelming, especially to those of us just learning how to read.  Imagine being a young child who is trying to do this as they ride the school bus, drive in a car, help at the grocery store, read a menu, and especially at school. 

As adults we can help out by putting the right books in front of them which have meaning, a message, and great imagery.  That is my goal for you; to provide a review of great books to put in front of your young readers whose meaning is amazing, whose message is loud and clear, and whose images are incredible.

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Each week, I'll feature a new book(s), lay out the target audience (pre-reader up to age 4; 4-6 year-olds; 5-7 year-olds; 8+ year-olds).  Next, I'll illustrate it's meaning--essentially ask the question, "Why is this book important to read to a child, or try to have a child read to you?"  Then, I'll examine the message of the text--is it about friendship, relationships, crossing barriers, responsibilities, idioms (tricky things they are!), taking risks; the possibilities are endless!  Lastly, and really at the heart of this movement, will be the images themselves--poignant, purposeful, fun, and fantastic.  All books will be wonderful to look at in their simplicity, beauty, and captivating-ness (yay - new word!)

So, why is this important?  As fellow fabulous children's author, Katie Davis, said, "You don't want them to start to see it [reading] as something to dread, not cherish.  And if they get a cuddle with you, it'll soon be something they're begging for."

Do you have your own books that you and your family love for the reasons above?  Leave your information below and I'll put up your reviews for others to see too!

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