The Nutz are Off Again!

After about a month of delightful traveling, Ms. Meg is back at it again with some uproariously funny comics to delight us with.  I have uploaded her two most recent comics (don't worry--you haven't missed any; the dates are backtracked on my part).  Enjoy!


Nuts Scooters.jpg


packing with cats.jpg


nuts 12412.jpg


Travels with Nutz 1.jpg

A Bit of History...

While living in the United Arab Emirates with my husband, Nathan, I met an amazing woman named Meg.  She would quickly become the closest thing to having a sister there for me.  She approached my husband and I one day about a trip to India she wanted to take.  I immediately jumped on board!  That began an illustrative - pun intended - career for the three of us to begin traveling together.  As a trio, we've been to the likes of India, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, and Laos.  Since we had some pretty funny, scary, exciting, and whacky things happen to us, Meg, in her infinite creativeness, began a comic strip of all our exploits.  After years of bugging her she has agreed to relinquish them to my website for your enjoyment.  Some of them are so funny they make me tinkle a little bit.  If you have any of your own travel stories, we'd love to hear them!  Use the contact page, leave a short story, and maybe we can introduce you into our comic!